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Welcome to pfsfv.co.uk

If you are specifically looking for the pfSFV application you can find it under the projects section.

The purpose of this site is to organise projects and thoughts as well as being the homesite for pfSFV and Maximus: The Holy Grail. Please feel free to look around and if you have any comments, suggestions or questions regarding any of the content on this site then you can email me.

This site should be easy to use and all content accessible within 3 clicks. It is intentionally quite minimalistic to avoid long load times, browser processing and wasting my time in making it look nice. The purpose of it is to provide information.

Why Jelly Beans?
The use of the JellyBeans image is fourfold:
- it provides a splash of colour to an otherwise dull layout
- it reflects the content of this site as a 'bit of everything'.
- they are my favourite confectionary providing a huge selection of quite convincing flavours in small quantities making a great all round snack that doesn't melt or perish.
- JellyBeans reflect an aspect of nature that is most important: variety and inheritance of design.

The following is a list of other projects I have been actively involved in over the years all of which designed and constructed by me:

(my old employer, sniff)

(an occupational personality profiler by eras ltd)

(a womens networking site co-founded by Katie Johnson)

(a mowax discography site)

(a great web community connecting people with pc problems to people who can solve pc problems)

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