• Multi-threaded multi-folder monitoring with capability to pause, resume or halt
  • Ability to scan individual .SFVs (as per other 'leading brands')
  • Ability to scan and monitor non-MP3 releases and stamp respectively
  • Integrated searching on leading Music search engines
  • Info-folder stamping including artist,genre,album,year,bitrate,sample rate,bad/missing/good file count
  • Multiple Disk-space-free directory stamping
  • Stamps can be created as directories or as 0KB files
  • NFO/file dropping
  • Genre catalogue (creates a directory of shortcuts organised by genre)
  • Release group catalogue (creates a directory of shortcuts organised by release group)
  • Custom colours
  • Sits 'quietly' in system tray
  • Optional task bar notifications (as per MSN Messenger)
  • Email reports to yourself (possibly could be used to SMS to mobile phone)

Updated July 01 2006 23:37:08.

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