This page provides a list of other sites that I have stumbled across that I want to remember for ease of finding them again. This list will probably grow over time and I will do my best to ensure that referenced content is still valid.

Links will only be posted here if I have personally visited the site enough to give it a small review of my own.


Their Description:
A site for technical interview questions, brain teasers, puzzles, quizzles (whatever the heck those are) and other things that make you think!
My Description:
When going for technical jobs, it is commonplace for the interviewers to pose a few brain teasers etc. I was sent this site by a friend (whom I had posed some of the questions I had been asked) and thought it was quite a nice idea. The content owner could do better at providing actual solutions but the discussion boards are visitied by some bright people who in a lot of cases provide the correct answers using casual logic ot back up their arguments.

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